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I'm Ani Richardson, an advocate of self care, self love, spiritual growth and author of Love or Diet: Nurture yourself and release the need to be comforted by food. Professionally I am a nutritionist with a masters degree in nutritional medicine as well as specialist qualifications in eating disorders and obesity management. Personally I am passionate about providing holistic wellness support to women. Often I work with women who turn to food for comfort or support during stressful and overwhelming times, or to help deal with their emotions. I also work with women who wish to explore other areas of health, nutrition and wellness. My passion for holistic health (health of the whole person; body, mind, emotions and spirit) and wellness began in my late teens and has been growing ever since. As well as the qualifications listed below I also have experience gained through work-shop attendance and continual, extensive, reading (around various areas such as Western and Buddhist psychology, spirituality and health). More about Ani in here.

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Is lack of sleep, or poor sleep quality, impacting your emotional eating levels?

We all know that lack of sleep or poor sleep quality can leave us feeling cranky, stressed and lethargic. Tiredness, stress, and exhaustion can often lead us to reach for a snack in order to get an energy boost, when really our bodies are letting us know that we need a rest or some down-time. We […]