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Sugar or sleep? Which one do you choose?

Because it might well be that you can’t have both. I certainly can’t. When cutting down daily sugar intake you can see the results in your sleep almost immediately, so it’s definitely worth testing whether you are sensitive to sugar. It goes without saying that sugar tolerance varies person to person and some of us are more resilient to the […]

Tired and can’t sleep? Get more vitamin D. This is why and how.

Let’s get the basics right to start with. Vitamin D is actually a hormone rather than a vitamin (1).  The body makes most of the vitamin D it needs; only about 10% comes from our food! Did you know this? I certainly didn’t. We get most of this vitamin from sun, so there’s no accident it’s called the […]

Is lack of sleep, or poor sleep quality, impacting your emotional eating levels?

We all know that lack of sleep or poor sleep quality can leave us feeling cranky, stressed and lethargic. Tiredness, stress, and exhaustion can often lead us to reach for a snack in order to get an energy boost, when really our bodies are letting us know that we need a rest or some down-time. We […]

Sleeping better with a right diet

Researchers say that post-eating tiredness increases more after a carb-rich meal than one full of protein and fat (both having the same calorie intake). For carb lovers this is splendid news: slow burning carbs are recommended as our evening meal because they induce sleep.  It goes without saying that slow-burn/brown/complex carbs are better than ‘fast’ […]

Good sleep lifestyle

Caffeine Even though coffee shops are everywhere, caffeine is still a drug. As a stimulant it perks us up by having a stimulating effect on our nervous system. While caffeine is very good at keeping us awake for some people it can cause side-effects, even panic attacks. We know that coffee and tea contain caffeine but […]