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Tired and can’t sleep? Get more vitamin D. This is why and how.

Let’s get the basics right to start with. Vitamin D is actually a hormone rather than a vitamin (1).  The body makes most of the vitamin D it needs; only about 10% comes from our food! Did you know this? I certainly didn’t. We get most of this vitamin from sun, so there’s no accident it’s called the […]

Not good for sleep: Stress

Stress and especially stress related to work is one of the key reasons for poor sleep. There’s nothing wrong loving work, in fact I think that working is healthy and rewarding but thinking about emails in the wee hours is the antithesis of healthy working. Work, at its best, provides routines that make evenings feel […]

Should I get 8 hours of sleep? Can 6 hours be enough?

Here’s the thing: yes it can. Sleep need varies from one person to the next and young people tend to need more than the elderly. Einstein apparently needed 10-11 hours of sleep, whereas Margaret Thatcher famously only slept for five hours a night. We also need different amounts of sleep during our life span. Even […]

Another restless night? How many times of waking up is normal?

Do you remember waking up last night? How many times? Dr Nerina Ramlakhan tells in her great book Tired But Wired that on average, a human being might wake an incredible 10-15 times a night! One theory relates back to caveman days when it might have been helpful to stay semi-alert even while we slept, simply to avoid […]

Are you an owl or a lark? How to take most of your natural biological clock?

“You are a lark” says the sleep profile report from The BBC Sleep Profiler. No big surprise here, as morning clearly is my prime-time, but it makes me think. As my energy level is highest in the morning how can I adapt to my natural biological clock even better? And how can I avoid the slump […]

How to sleep without fear? Ditch your nightmares.

I was reading OSHO’s  inspirational Life, Love, Laughter the other day and I got a big-moment-revelation. Dark thoughts lead to bad nights – well, at least mine! I have been seeing this recurring horrible nightmare about three faceless thugs intruding our house and me and my son escaping into the black forest. Needless to say that I […]

Top 3 sleep myths

There are so many sleep myths that I actually had hard time choosing my ‘favourite’ three. When I started to study sleep I realized that I had false expectations in various ways. Increasing my understanding has led to more realistic expectations. This has been crucial for my healing and better sleep. You can find my top […]

My story as a sensitive sleeper

My personal learning is that as I understood more about sleep I gave up unrealistic goals. I stopped unhealthy and excessive stressing (at least most of the time…), learned letting go my anger and anxiety, and to (better) handle the triggers which resulted in my poor sleep. I started to seek life-balance, set up my […]

Welcome to SensitiveSleepers

All-round help for better sleep, rest and zest. This is your pit stop for calmer nights, and brighter days. Find here blogs, tips, myths, forum, shop, stories, information and inspiration about sleep, relaxation and related topics. We’ll make the sleep quest fearless and a bit of  fun too. Background in short. The idea for SensitiveSleepers came from my own […]


There are many myths related to sleep. Here are some common ones. 1. The media screams about the must-have-8-hour-sleep every night. Is this really a must? Not necessarily. Sleep requirements vary by age and by personality. Also, it’s not just about quantity but quality of sleep. Sometimes 6-hours of sleep is more refreshing and nurturing […]