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Slow down and sleep better! This is why and how:

Even when we are exhausted we tend to keep ourselves on overdrive. Slowing down (not to speak about napping) has traditionally been seen as a lazy bones afternoon no-no vice. Until now that is: the tide is turning. Various studies reveal the mounting positive effects of resting. Naps seem to correct nearly anything there ever is to heal: they […]

Back to business, back to insomnia?

It’s that time of the year: life is full of new beginnings. After sun, sea and sand we return to our everyday lives full of promises to create a more balanced life. We are determined to do something differently – until we are swamped by the reality: mundane chores, juggling between work and home and […]

Not good for sleep: Stress

Stress and especially stress related to work is one of the key reasons for poor sleep. There’s nothing wrong loving work, in fact I think that working is healthy and rewarding but thinking about emails in the wee hours is the antithesis of healthy working. Work, at its best, provides routines that make evenings feel […]

Psychological sleep disorders

The relationship of depression and insomnia Which comes first: depression or insomnia? The relationship of depression and insomnia is two-way and for this reason it’s hard to identify which was there first. Chronic sleep problems affect 50% to 80% of the patients in a typical psychiatric practice, compared with 10% to 18% of adults in […]

Breathing and sleep

Breathing and sleep Breathing is an essential skill for sleep. Our nervous system is activated when we breathe deeply and this helps to initiate relaxation and sleep process.  It’s quite surprising how many of us have actually forgotten how to breathe. Many yoga teachers have found out that they need to retrain their pupils to […]

Typical for sensitive sleepers

Typical for sensitive sleepers It’s typical for sensitive sleepers stay awake late before falling asleep and/or wakes up in the middle of sleeping (or just too early in the morning) and find it hard to fall back asleep. We often find it hard even to nap in the daytime as well which stems from being ‘tired but […]