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Hampstead Heath Acupuncture

Hampstead Heath Acupuncture.

We provide a first class Chinese Medicine treatment experience based on our experience of what our clients both want and need. The practitioners at Hampstead Heath Acupuncture all have a degree level qualification in Acupuncture and are members of the British Acupuncture Council. At Hampstead Heath Acupuncture you can be assured of absolute confidentiality, sensitivity and dedication to your needs. We offer wide range of treatments ranging from acupuncture to aromatherapy and relaxation. Experts: Odette Aguirre, Alex Jacobs, James Moss, Julian Briottet. More about us in here.


Jamie Gisby

I am Jamie Gisby and I practice acupuncture and allergy & environmental therapy in Gloucestershire, UK and surrounding areas. I began my career by studying pharmacology at University College London in the early eighties. After graduating I combined my medical interest with a fascination for Chinese philosophy by studying acupuncture.  I now have over 20 years of clinical experience. I practice both modern and traditional styles of acupuncture, including both 5-element and TCM styles. I am a member of the British Acupuncture Council and I treat a range of conditions including fatigue, insomnia and fibromyalgia. More about Jamie in here.

London acupuncture clinic

London Acupuncture Clinic

We provide safe, effective and holistic treatment for a wide range of conditions. We have practises in Harley St, Chiswick, Ealing and Windsor. Besides acupuncture we also have experts for Chinese Herbalism. Stretching back over 2,500 years, Chinese herbalism is the oldest continually practised medical profession in the world. Our experts: Daniel Elliott (founder), Jason Unwin, Annabel Mitchell, Rebecca Clarke, Jessica Stanelun, Christina Goldoni, Daniel Maxwell, Mihaela Mitroescu, Martha Poulou-Cross, Inga Heese. More about us in here.

Kate Winstanley

Kate Winstanley Acupuncture London

Kate Winstanley is a highly-trained acupuncturist with a broad knowledge of Western medicine. Her treatments identify and treat the root cause of a patient’s symptoms or health concerns.  This curative approach enables the body to truly repair and re-balance. Known for her effective, lasting results and inspiring treatments, Kate has gained the reputation as one of London’s leading acupuncturists.  She works alongside medical experts in various fields and is the “Preferred Acupuncturist” at The Assisted Conception Unit, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital. A member of the British Acupuncture Council. Kate treats a wide range of conditions (incl. Insomnia). More about Kate in here.


East London Acupuncture

Diana has undergone three years extensive training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Western medical biosciences. Diana has completed further training in paediatric acupuncture, as well Japanese style acupuncture, which often better suits those who are needle shy. She is a fully insured and registered Member of the British Acupuncture Council. Acupuncture captures the best of my skills – wanting to help people, my need for creativity and endless curiosity, and my enjoyment of strategy and mathematical calculations. Diana treats a wide range of conditions, incl. Insomnia. More about Diana in here.