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Andrea Grace – Children’s Sleep Specialist

My approach to sleep problems is designed for those parents who want their babies and children to sleep well but do not want them to be distressed by the process. Some sleep training methods can be very harsh, often involving leaving them to cry alone for long periods of time. This goes against the very nature of our instinct to love, cherish and nurture our children. I offer personal and tailor made approaches, which address the specific reasons for each child’s sleeplessness. More about Andrea Grace in here.

millpond blue

Millpond – Children’s Sleep Clinic

Our approach is safe and kind. We offer a programme tailored directly to both your child’s and your family’s needs. As we offer a worldwide service most of our consultations take place over the phone. So wherever you live you can sit in comfort as we guide you through your child’s sleep issues. Throughout your programme we offer you unlimited email support to answer any anxieties and help keep you on track. At the end of the training your child will be able to get themselves to sleep at the right time for you, free of stress and anxiety.  Sleep experts: Mandy Gurney, Clair Lyons, Juliet Newson, Jackie Garwood, Cathy Madley-Dowd, Evelyn Stewart. Read more here.

Chireal Shallow

Naturally Nurturing by Chireal Shallow

Our sleep clinic believes in a child’s right to receive comfort, a parent’s right to demonstrate love, and everyone’s right to a night of uninterrupted sleep. Unlike many sleep nannies and clinics that advocate controlled crying, our team of sleep experts do not expect children to cry themselves to sleep. Founded in the UK by psychologist and sleep expert Chireal Shallow, Naturally Nurturing has helped families as close to home as France and Germany, and as far from home as Canada. More about Naturally Nurturing in here.

Jo Tantum

Jo Tantum – Baby Sleep Expert

It is Jo’s compassionate, understanding attitude that gets amazing results with babies who hadn’t slept for more than an hour at a time to sleeping a 12 hour night, without babies or parents getting distressed. Today Jo is one of the UK’s leading sleep specialists. Jo offers various Support Packages for every budget. Packages available: Email support, Home and Group Visits, 24 & 48 Hour Rescue Packages and Twins Support Packages. More about Jo Tantum in here.

The Sleep Nanny

The Sleep Nanny has over 25 years of hands-on experience working with babies and toddlers. With so much conflicting information available, it’s no wonder parents feel confused and frustrated. The Sleep Nanny offers parenting support to help you to retrain your baby into a good sleeper. By listening to your baby sleep problem with a sympathetic ear, we are able to offer reassurance and empathy. We can then put a baby sleep plan of action together for you to follow with your baby. More about the Sleep Nanny in here.


Child Sleep Works

Child Sleep Works offers gentle sleep solutions for babies and children up to age 6 years. There is an abundance of information available on the subject of children’s sleep and parents can get lost in a sea of differing advice on how to deal with their child’s sleep problems. Each child is unique and special.  I take great care to provide parents with a personalised sleep plan they are happy with, to help them get their child’s sleep back on track.  The plan includes strategies for coping with the sleep issue, suggestions for routines, guide as to how much sleep your child needs, and a clear programme to carry out over a short period of time. More about Child Sleep Works in here.