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StillPoint is a unique centre for holistic therapies and meditation in the heart of the City of London. We provide a small oasis of relaxation, wellbeing and support to visitors in an area where stress levels run high. We know that it is not natural for human beings to experience as much tension as we do in a 21st century urban environment. Our aim and vision is to inspire and help people find more balance in themselves and in their lifestyle. All our therapists and teachers are highly trained and have years of experience. More in here.

Jolanta Szczesna

Jolanta Szczesna: Simply Knowing

Here is the thing: it’s harming how we communicate, interact and live. Everyone’s life is busy and complicated in different ways. You might suffer from constant stress, fatigue and disconnection between what you want and what you have to do. With limited time and unlimited demands life throws at you simply knowing how to deal with it will allow you to full-fill your dreams, empower you to be who you really are and simply unleash your greatness. You can feel like this every day: loose the tension in your shoulders and quiet your mind. It might take a bit of work, and some time but you might, for the first time since your childhood, feel like all of your challenges can be overcome and there is nothing that holds you back any more. My methodology combines vast business and cross-cultural background with extensive knowledge of development tools/methodologies such as NLP, Psychology, Neuroscience, Spirituality, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, Energy Psychology, Clean Language, Time Line, EMDR, EFT and Hypnotherapy. More about Jolanta in here.

Hayley Rogers

Holistic Health Management & Wellbeing

I have been a personal trainer  for over 15 years, During this time I have travelled extensively studying Massage, Meditation and Relaxation techniques, Chi and other alternative methods for improving the mind body and soul. I have trained many people from all walks of life which has given me the best experience and a wealth of knowledge in how to train people to get the best results. I now put my experiences and knowledge together to create a personal wellbeing plan which is tailor made to suit your individual needs and goals. I love to see people achieving their goals and getting results. I will keep you motivated and monitor your progress to ensure you are on target, having fun at the same time! More about Haley Rogers in here.

Rosemary greenfield

Body & Mind Matters

Spiritual Healing can be used to clear or improve all types of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issues. When you experience something that you don’t deal with well emotionally (a traumatic event) you store the negative emotions in your body, we call this baggage. You start storing your baggage in childhood and continue to collect baggage throughout your life from traumatic events such as divorce, bereavement, abuse, being bullied, losing your job etc. Spiritual healing removes baggage at the root cause level by releasing the emotions that you have stored. Body & Mind Matters was founded 13 years ago by Rosemary Greenfield. More about Spiritual Healing in here.

the Happiness Centre

The Happiness Centre

Your health and wellbeing is absolutely essential to ensuring your daily and lifelong deeper, authentic happiness. Whatever your chosen path for improving wellbeing, regular treatments, classes and courses can make a positive difference to you taking control of your overall happiness. With over 10 years assisting individuals and organisations from our centre in London, we can help you recover, renew and refresh from the inside out. Our purpose is to ensure every single experience enables our valued clients to create greater health, happiness and harmony in their personal and professional life. At The Happiness Centre you are welcomed by a team of experienced professionals skilled in a wide range of disciplines based on holistic principles. More about the Happiness Centre in here.