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The Sleep Guru

My mission in life is to help everyone enjoy a sound night’s sleep – without the need for sleeping aids.I know it’s possible to overcome insomnia, stress and anxiety using a variety of relaxation, mindfulness, breathing, Ayurveda and meditation techniques together with dietary changes, because I have been there myself. I have been travelling and studying the path of well being for the last 25 years and know I can help people overcome sleep issues, stress and anxiety. My background comes from various professional qualifications and study, such as Qualified NLP instructor and hypnotherapist, Chopra-certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor and registered Yoga Teacher.  Studied over 500hrs with her yoga guru in India and continues to study in India once a year. More about The Sleep Guru in here.



StillPoint is a unique centre for holistic therapies and meditation in the heart of the City of London. We provide a small oasis of relaxation, wellbeing and support to visitors in an area where stress levels run high. We know that it is not natural for human beings to experience as much tension as we do in a 21st century urban environment. Our aim and vision is to inspire and help people find more balance in themselves and in their lifestyle. All our therapists and teachers are highly trained and have years of experience. More in here.

albert_tobler_london meditation

London Meditation

London Meditation is a place for personal growth processes. The co-founders Susann Herrmann (Clinical and Occupational Psychologist, MA) and Albert Tobler (accredited coach with the Association for Coaching) are mainly working with private and corporate clients in Meditative Therapy and Coaching based on introspection and meditative techniques. The London Meditation growth programme range from non-religious classes, one2ones, and courses to trainings. All the methods used, whether relating to the body, the mind or the emotions, have meditation both at their base and as their objective. More about London Meditation in here.


Great Life Coach

I offer meditation training, guidance and reflection one-to-one for individuals. Meditation is the direct experience of your mind. The subject of meditation often comes up when I am working with clients, sometimes as a way of taming overactive-worried minds, and other times as a pathway to help people reconnect with feeling alive. Although the usually-simple methods for learning how to meditate come from rich and thorough Eastern wisdom traditions; it is not necessary to get deterred by their complexities and religious overtones. Learning to meditate in a way that will have positive effects on your wellbeing and outlook on life can be a simple process. I have been cultivating ways to introduce and teach meditation as an ongoing part of our life coaching work together. More about Great Life Coach in here.

Linda Hall

Resourcefulness Meditation with Linda Hall

Linda has almost twenty years experience in the complementary health care field.  Linda Hall combines down-to-earth pragmatism with insight and sensitivity, her contemporary approach to meditation focuses on body/mind awareness and stress management techniques and does not align itself with any particular belief system or religion.   Linda draws on modern psychology and well-established practices such as mindfulness, as well as more body centred forms of meditation. Linda divides her time between teaching meditation in her busy London UK practice, and creating her audio work on the East Coast of Essex.  She is also a meditation teacher and psychology practitioner with The Optimum Health Clinic, specialising in M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.  Her Meditation for Life courses developed run via interactive conference call, support people in their recovery from M.E. all over the UK and abroad. More about Linda Hall in here.

London Insight Meditation

London Insight Meditation

London Insight Meditation is a small independent charity that promotes insight meditation, plus related practices, values and ideas from the Buddhist tradition. Our events are led by an exceptional group of invited teachers. Our main affiliation is with Gaia House, where many of our teachers are based. We aim to present insight meditation and related teachings in a manner that is accessible to western practitioners, while preserving their full depth.  To this end Buddhist ritual and imagery usually play little part in our events.  We do however value our links with more traditional Buddhist institutions, such as Amaravati and Satipanya. More about London Insight Meditation in here.

Will Vedic Meditation

Will Williams Meditation

Will is an independent teacher of Vedic Meditation, working with individuals to sustain balance and achieve success in all areas of their personal and professional lives. Will found meditation several years ago after experiencing protracted stress-related insomnia. He bumped into a friend whose life had been transformed by vedic meditation. He felt compelled to give it a try and it has had such an undeniably positive impact on so many aspects of his life that he has now dedicated his life to sharing this transformative knowledge with others. Vedic Meditation is easy, natural, enjoyable and immediately beneficial. A simple daily practice helps the mind to switch off and the body to get deep rest. Stress is released and good health prevails. More about Will in here.