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One Lifestyle

One Lifestyle is the personal trainer company that  focuses on what is most important – YOU. One Lifestyle provides quality personal trainer services in counties throughout the UK including London, Leeds and Oxford, (we are now expanding rapidly nationwide) along with a range of other lifestyle management services that are targeted towards helping you to achieve your specific needs. We cater to all your needs and specifications whether you are an individual just looking for some personal trainer support or a corporation interested in keeping your staff healthy .  With one of our personal trainer specialists, we can design the best programme and package for you. More in here.

Agi Rajna

Chelsea Personal Trainer

Chelsea Personal Training, based in South West London, recognises that individuals fitness needs differ. Whether you are starting a fitness plan for the first time or already have a regular fitness routine in place and are looking to push yourself to the next level, Chelsea Personal Training is there to provide you with the expertise, motivation, and support to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals. A lack of motivation and time to commit to exercise? Low or without energy, stressed, fatigued and exhausted all the time? Positively, there are effective treatment options with Personal Training and Pilates programs to address and break the negative cycles around these concerns. More about Agi Rajna in here.


Hayley Rogers

Holistic Health Management & Wellbeing

I have been a personal trainer  for over 15 years, During this time I have travelled extensively studying Massage, Meditation and Relaxation techniques, Chi and other alternative methods for improving the mind body and soul. I have trained many people from all walks of life which has given me the best experience and a wealth of knowledge in how to train people to get the best results. I now put my experiences and knowledge together to create a personal wellbeing plan which is tailor made to suit your individual needs and goals. I love to see people achieving their goals and getting results. I will keep you motivated and monitor your progress to ensure you are on target, having fun at the same time! More about Haley Rogers in here.


Personal Fittness and Nutrition Training

I am a holistic nutrition and exercise coach helping people to develop strategies for optimal health, function, and performance. My goal as an exercise and nutrition coach is to help you achieve yours.  It is also to make sure that you learn how to eat and exercise for yourself.  I don’t have the same clients for years on end because I help them to stand on their own without the need for a personal coach.  It’s true that your goals may change and we could work on something else, but in general terms I want you to be fit, healthy, and independent. Giles has a natural affinity to want to help people.  Back in 1997 he took his first step into the health and fitness industry and has been helping people ever since. More about Giles in here.

Mark Barimore

Mark Barimore Personal Training

My name is Mark Barimore and I have been working as a Personal Trainer for almost a decade. I’ve got years of experience training both athletes who live, sleep and breathe excercise to people who haven’t ever excercised and are frankly horrified by the thought. I know how easy it is to fall into bad habits and not look after yourself and I’m sympathetic to newcomers to get the best out of them whilst not being afraid of being tough when needs be. I know that motivation is key so I try to offer my clients as much information as can on how they’re progressing, what goals can we achieve and what we need to do to get there. More about Mark in here.

Absolute fitness pic

Absolute Fitness Personal Trainers

We have over 15 years experience selecting the best male and female personal trainers. We have a thorough recruitment process which requires candidates to attend group and one-to-one interviews with practical, oral and written exams. This ensures that not only are our trainers qualified on paper, they are good in practice and have the professionalism and personality to carry the Absolute Fitness brand. Our team of 14 personal trainers have different areas of expertise that include: boxing, marathon training, sports specific training, sports therapy & injury recovery, Pilates based exercise, pre and post natal and nutrition. Our team has a knowledgeable and professional approach, with each session tailored to your individual goals and needs to make sure that you get the best results in the safest way. More about Absolute Fitness in here.