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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques have been shown in numerous clinical trials to help overcome even long term insomnia. Sleepio founder Professor Colin Espie explains CBT for Insomnia trains people to use techniques that address the mental (or cognitive) factors associated with insomnia, such as the ‘racing mind’, and to overcome the worry and other negative emotions that accompany the experience of being unable to sleep. Sleepio has also online courses, starting from £6.99 / week. More about Sleepio in here.


Edinburgh Sleep Centre

At The Edinburgh Sleep Centre we believe that the accurate assessment and diagnosis of sleep disorders combined with a multimodal approach to the treatment of sleep disorders is the only way to ensure a sustained and long-lasting improvement in sleep and its related symptoms. Our philosophy is based on the belief that every individual is unique and requires a treatment plan that incorporates the individual within his/her wider context as part of a  family, community and society. Experts: Dr Chris Idzikowski, dr Adrian J Williams and dr Irshaad Ebrahim. More about Edinburg Sleep Centre in here.


The London Sleep Centre

The London Sleep Centre is a leader in the provision of diagnostic and treatment services for people with Sleep Disorders and related medical and psychological disorders. Our unique Sigma Approach integrates a variety of models of care for people with sleep problems and we treat people across the life span from early childhood to the later years. We have expertise in the assessment and treatment of all types of Sleep Disorders. Our experts: Dr Irshaad Ebrahim, Dr Adrian J Williams, Dr Peter B Fenwick, Dr Chris Idzikowski, Amanda Owen, Elizabeth Scott, Penny Smyly. More about the London Sleep Center in here.


Charing Cross Sleep Centre

The sleep centre at Charing Cross Hospital has been involved in testing sleep for over 20 years. It’s today one of the biggest clinical centres in the south of England. Once you have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder there are a number of treatments that may be appropriate. Charing Cross treats several sleep disorders but not insomnia (currently). Lead experts: Dr Andrew Cummin, Dr Graeme Wilson, Dr Frances Bowen.  More about Charing Cross Sleep Centre in here.

The sleep disorder centre East Grinstead

The Sleep Disorder Centre East Grinstead

The Sleep Disorder Centre, East Grinstead is part of the world famous Queen Victoria Hospital. The Centre was established in 1992 and is fully approved under the Health Care Commission of the NHS for diagnosing and treating a wide range of problems concerned with sleep and sleeping in both the NHS and private sectors. Conditions that we treat commonly: snoring, obstructive sleep apnoea, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, periodic limb movement, insomnia. Experts: Dr Peter Venn, Dr Jonathan Ratoff, Dr Angus Nisbet, Dr Theresa Rose. More about Sleep Disorder Centre East Grinstead in here.

Simon merritt

Insomnia treatment for Kent and Sussex

Insomnia treatment for Kent and Sussex is a private service run by sleep expert Dr Simon Merritt a consultant in sleep and respiratory medicine, in close collaboration with an experienced cognitive behavioural psychotherapist, Steve Clifford. The service is currently based in the Spire Sussex hospital. In addition to seeing patient’s with Insomnia, this private Sleep clinic accepts adult patients with any sleep disorder. During the course of treatment patients will have access to online resources via this website, comprising of insomnia assessment questionnaires, audio relaxation MP3 files for download, a summary of homework tasks and an online sleep diary. More about this clinic in here.

Andrew Meyers

Dr Andrew Mayers

I am a psychologist specialising in postnatal depression, sleep, and mental health, especially among children and families. I act as Patron for Bournemouth and District Samaritans. I run workshops and training courses for health professionals, teachers, education commissioners, parents and the general public – focusing on my expertise in sleep and postnatal mental illness. More about Dr Andrew Mayers and his passion for sleep in here.


The Sleep School

The Sleep School’s approach is centred on what good sleepers do to sleep, which is nothing more than trusting their body’s natural ability to sleep. We help clients to understand that their natural desire to want to ‘do’ things to get to sleep may well satisfy an internal desire ‘to fix’ but it could only be pushing sleep further away. Our approach teaches clients to not let the ‘controlling side’ in all of us get in the way of this natural process and how to make space for, or even play with, any fears associated with not sleeping, something that allows sleep to emerge naturally once more. More about founder doctor Guy Meadows and the Sleep School in here.


Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan is a sleep and energy coach. She is one of the leading sleep therapists in the UK and works with corporate clients as well as being a sleep therapist at Capio Nightingale Hospital in London. She believes that the essence is not 8 hours of sleep every night but quality restorative sleep which is accessible through practical steps. She is the author of the book Tired But Wired, the essential sleep toolkit – how to overcome your sleep problems. More about dr Nerina Ramlakhan in here.