We have handpicked experts from different fields who have passion to help people struggling with sleep. Sensitive sleepers have  various causes for poor sleep, and for this reason our ways to heal differ as well. Experts have different approaches and skills. Healing won’t begin until we take actions and start testing what works for us. Keeping a sleep diary for couple of weeks could clarify the reasons for poor sleep.


Note: Most of the experts listed here are from London/South England area, but we will extend the list on-goingly and welcome all relevant experts to send information to contactus@sensitivesleepers.com


An Urban Om

I offer both private and public classes and regular workshops and retreats. I love to study and teach yoga and hope to spread this love to anyone who is curious about yoga! I am also deeply passionate about using yoga and bodywork therapeutically to help relieve and prevent life’s aches and pains. If you have injuries or conditions with which you are working and/or would like to discuss a one to one session, feel free to find more about my teaching in here.


Relax and restore with Adelene

Adelene is a registered SYT with Yoga Alliance UK. This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by Yoga Alliance UK. Having studied various styles of yoga, Adelene’s practice in the recent decade has been greatly inspired by her teachers Judith H. Lasater, Donna Farhi, and the work of Vanda Scaravelli.  More about Adelene’s restorative yoga and gentle rest and relax approach & classes (Primrose Hill, Islington, Chelsea) in here.


Restorative yoga with Divya

As an advanced level teacher (which means I have acquired a set number of years of training and practice – in my case ongoing teacher training since 2001), with specific training in the practice and delivery of Restorative Yoga from Elders around the world, I take great care and interest in the planning of restorative practices to suit the specific needs of the individual. More about Divya’s classes in North West London in here.


Helen Whitten – Positive Works

I can help you manage stress, general personal life issues, career choices, challenges and decisions. I am an Accredited coach, mediator and trainer working in the areas of: Confidence-building, positive thinking, stress management, communication, influencing skills, life-coaching, teambuilding, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, relationships, self-knowledge for life and career decisions, finding meaning and purpose, managing challenge and uncertainty. Practical skills development alongside coaching, easily applied and integrated into life. I
I have been through many changes myself, made a major career and life change at around the age of 40 and discovered aspects of myself that I would not have known were there without applying coaching skills. So I am approachable, compassionate and enthusiastic about life and its opportunities and I know the coaching process works! More about Helen in here.

Laura Tytling

Laura Tytler Coaching

I’m Laura Tytler and I’m a Life Coach.  On my site you will see how I help people like you get what they want from life. I have helped people make positive and exciting changes in their lives. Do you want to move jobs or get more from your current job? Do you want more time at the end of the day to relax? Whatever changes you want to make in your life, I can help - read on to find out more. I use a number of coaching models to help people achieve their life or career goals.  Some people know they want to change but they aren’t sure what their goals are, so sometimes the first goal is setting the right goal! More about Laura in here.

Keith Abrahams

Keith Abrahams – Positive Ways

I am highly experienced consultant and coach who brings that mix of experience, psychological insight and business pragmatism to the challenges of individual and organizational development. My goal is to support, guide and encourage people and businesses to find their ways through change. Positive Ways is simply about accepting that transition can be difficult, but with the right approach we can survive and thrive. I provide that by drawing on the latest research from psychology, business and leadership, and providing a structured approach to developing and applying your resources, using a wide range of models and tools, for healing the past and moving into the future.  More about Keith Abrahams in here.

rob holcroft

Rob Holcroft Life Coach

Rob helps people to live life and be happy. Whether you are tired, stuck, lost, confused, overwhelmed or you’re just ready for a change, Rob will motivate and guide you toward better health, well-being and happiness. What’s happened is in the past and nothing you can do will ever change that. The only thing you can change is how you feel about what’s happened and decide how it will impact on your future from this point on. Rob doesn’t dwell on past issues. He is more concerned with helping you create a compelling future, a future that excites you, a future that you want to live. When you are focused on doing things that fulfill you, things that fuel you, you’ll be happier. Specialising in motivation, language and posture, he uniquely combines these skills to fully appreciate every factor influencing a situation, treating mind and body for the best possible results, working with individuals, couples, families, groups, executives, teams and young people. More about Rob Holcroft in here.

Jolanta Szczesna

Jolanta Szczesna: Simply Knowing

Here is the thing: it’s harming how we communicate, interact and live. Everyone’s life is busy and complicated in different ways. You might suffer from constant stress, fatigue and disconnection between what you want and what you have to do. With limited time and unlimited demands life throws at you simply knowing how to deal with it will allow you to full-fill your dreams, empower you to be who you really are and simply unleash your greatness. You can feel like this every day: loose the tension in your shoulders and quiet your mind. It might take a bit of work, and some time but you might, for the first time since your childhood, feel like all of your challenges can be overcome and there is nothing that holds you back any more. My methodology combines vast business and cross-cultural background with extensive knowledge of development tools/methodologies such as NLP, Psychology, Neuroscience, Spirituality, Creative Thinking & Problem Solving, Energy Psychology, Clean Language, Time Line, EMDR, EFT and Hypnotherapy. More about Jolanta in here.

One Lifestyle

One Lifestyle is the personal trainer company that  focuses on what is most important – YOU. One Lifestyle provides quality personal trainer services in counties throughout the UK including London, Leeds and Oxford, (we are now expanding rapidly nationwide) along with a range of other lifestyle management services that are targeted towards helping you to achieve your specific needs. We cater to all your needs and specifications whether you are an individual just looking for some personal trainer support or a corporation interested in keeping your staff healthy .  With one of our personal trainer specialists, we can design the best programme and package for you. More in here.

Agi Rajna

Chelsea Personal Trainer

Chelsea Personal Training, based in South West London, recognises that individuals fitness needs differ. Whether you are starting a fitness plan for the first time or already have a regular fitness routine in place and are looking to push yourself to the next level, Chelsea Personal Training is there to provide you with the expertise, motivation, and support to help you reach your ultimate fitness goals. A lack of motivation and time to commit to exercise? Low or without energy, stressed, fatigued and exhausted all the time? Positively, there are effective treatment options with Personal Training and Pilates programs to address and break the negative cycles around these concerns. More about Agi Rajna in here.