Our mission? Helping sensitive sleepers to discover good night’s sleep and to feel confident, peaceful & happy.

How? We have four key goals.

1) We aim to provide different perspectives on sleep, sleep problems and related topics and treatments .

2) We wish to establish a peer-to-peer community where we can help each other and learn to mend ourselves better.

3) We hope to create a place where the sleep community can get together and help can be found quickly and easily.

4) Last but not least, we want to make this a feel-good journey. Sleep is a wonderful gift – it can only be discovered if it’s enjoyed.

There is hope. We want to help and give hope, simply because there is hope. We want to get rid of prejudices and negative emotions such as shame and guilt all too often burdening the already heavy shoulders of sensitive sleepers. More often than not sensitive sleepers are highly dutiful people who simply try to do their utter best at work and at home at the expense of their own health. If the whole health industry and also employers would have more knowledge and tools to tackle sleep problems, we would most probably have many happier and more effective employees, mums, dads, spouses and friends.  Unfortunately all too often sufferers are just given pills and left wondering with many unanswered questions.

It’s chicken and egg dilemma. To make things more complicated it’s often a chicken and egg dilemma: We don’t know which kicked in first, insomnia or a related disease. What we do know is that insomnia normally has several causes and roots and there seldom is a simple resolution.  Regaining confidence (without dependencies) is essential.  By giving holistic support, information and aid, Sensitive Sleepers should be in the interest of many stakeholders in the sleep deprived western world.

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