The idea. The idea for SensitiveSleepers came from the founder’s own experience and battle against long-term sleep problems. When the founder understood more about sleep and learned to sleep better, she thought that an inclusive community would be helpful for sensitive sleepers. Feeling alone at night is a bummer. And all too often we also feel left alone when visiting doctors. The good news is that we can do a lot by ourselves – if we just know how to get going.

Four goals.

1) We aim to give different perspectives on sleep, sleep problems and related topics and treatments .

2) We wish to establish an inclusive community where we can help each other, from experts and learn to mend ourselves better.

3) We hope to create a place where the sleep community can get together and help can be found fast and easy.

4) Last but not least, we want to make this a feel-good journey. Sleep is a wonderful gift – it can only be discovered if it’s enjoyed.

To whom. is targeted, as the name suggests, at sensitive sleepers. The patient/sufferer viewpoint plays a key role in everything we do. Our geographical focus is the UK intially but we are happy to ‘expand’ if we get such feedback. Please give us feedback - it is warmly welcome.

Perspective. aims to provide different perspectives. We want to elevate the importance of the ‘feel good’ aspect. We believe that feeling at peace at night is almost impossible if we don’t first don’t have peace of mind by day! By finding a better life balance, we can bring dramatic changes at night. Starting small, lifestyle changes step by step and building trust towards our own ‘sleep skills’ will eventually rebound better sleep.

Reliability. The information pages are based on hundreds of reliable and acknowledged sources (books, newspapers, websites) written by leading sleep experts and medical authorities. This site is not a ‘medical community network from doctor to doctor’ (there are plenty such websites already available), instead we try to keep an open standpoint and give a more holistic perspective to all information, including alternative treatments.

Demand. The founder has found out that she is not alone. ‘In the UK alone one of the estimated 30% of the British population suffer from a sleep problem. How to sleep is the 6th most-searched term on Google. According to NHS, 50% of us suffer from Insomnia at some point and more than 10 Million prescriptions for sleeping pills are given out each year in England, costing the NHS £36 million per annum’ (The Times, 19.06.2012). It’s estimated that ~10% of people suffer long-term and ~30% of people suffer short-term insomnia in Western world. This is understandable as sleep is a fundamental requirement to function normally in everyday life. In fact, we can survive for three times as long without food as we can without sleep. We are living in a 24/7 society where we sleep with our laptops and smartphones and are expected to be on-call at every second of our lives.

About our ideology. SensitiveSleepers aims to stay open to different treatments and provide information from various experts and providers and welcome any innovations. SensitiveSleepers are also very conscious about the fact that what suits one person might be totally unsuitable for another. Even though SensitiveSleepers strongly encourages its communityto find a holistic, medicine-free way to heal we are also very aware that sometimes there simply isn’t enough energy, strength, capacity or health balance to battle without drugs. We recommend medicine only for short term purposes because of the severe consequences onto sleep with long-term drug (ab)use. We allow advertising, sponsorships and partnerships on the website in order to keep this project ongoing.

Final words. SensitiveSleepers wishes you many better nights (and days!) and warmly welcomes feedback. SensitiveSleepers was founded Autumn 2013 so we are taking our baby-steps. Forgive us our ‘beginners’ faults and please let us know how to improve the experience. All support, sharing, collaboration and engagement is warmly welcomed to get this going and stop people suffering at night.

Sleep tight!

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