Who uses SensitiveSleepers?
SensitiveSleepers is a global online community for sensitive sleepers and its first intention is to provide help in the UK . Not everyone who uses SensitiveSleepers needs to be a sensitive sleeper, but initially this is targeted at people seeking sleeping advice and information and support from peers and various experts (guest blogging).

How do I join SensitiveSleepers and what’s in it for me?
Joining SensitiveSleepers is free – you can join here. By joining us, you can join the discussion forum, share your sleep story and get a newsletter.

I’m not a sensitive sleeper – can still I join SensitiveSleepers?
SensitiveSleepers isn’t intended to be exclusive to sensitive sleepers.  We do strive for better harmony and balance in life in general and many of our tips might be very useful whether there’s any sleep problems or they are mild (it’s crucial to avoid the poor sleep circle as quickly as possible).

IT support

I’ve changed email address: how do I update my registration?
You can amend your registration details at any time by logging in to your personal registration details page.

I want to subscribe to one of your email newsletters
SensitiveSleepers aim to start a newsletter in Autumn 2013. You can subscribe and unsubscribe from our email newsletter.

I’ve forgotten my password
Don’t worry. As long as you know the email address you registered with, we can send you a link to reset your SensitiveSleepers password. All you need to do is go here.

Why haven’t I received my confirmation email from you?
Confirmation emails sometimes go into your junk/spam folders in your email but some email providers have very strong filters and it’s possible that it’s been deleted. Drop us an email on it@sensitivesleepers.com (title: authorising registration needed) and we’ll authorise your registration.

How do I leave SensitiveSleepers?
We’re sorry to hear you want to leave. If it’s just that you’d like to unsubscribe from our emails, you can use the unsubscribe link in out newsletter. You can remove your SensitiveSleepers registration from the site. Drop us an email on it@sensitivesleepers.com (title: Cancelling registration). Please be aware that if you leave SensitiveSleepers, we won’t be able to re-issue your talk nickname to you.


How can my company advertise/sponsor on SensitiveSleepers?
Please find more information in here. Contact: contactus@sensitivesleepers.com

Blogging and talking

Can I blog for SensitiveSleepers?
Health professionals and sleep experts/researches are warmly welcomed as guest bloggers. It’s easy, find guidance in here.

How can I find blogs with certain topic?
Use search, popular categories or tag clouds.

Using SensitiveSleepers TalkForum
 How do I post a message on TalkForum?

  • To be able to post to our forum you have to registered and logged in to our website.
  • At the bottom of each conversation (or “thread”) on talk there is an “Reply To:” box.
  • When you have finished your message click the “Submit” button.
  • Your screen refreshes showing your message. You can edit your own messages by pressing the edit link on the right hand corner of your own message.
  • When you have made the changes again press “Submit” – button and the message is updated.

Is there a quick way to find information on a specific topic?
You can search for pages and posts by keyword using search, popular categories or the tag cloud. Just enter the word(s) you want to find and click the search button.

How do I change my nickname?
Go to your registration page here – log in and then you can change your nickname by typing in a new one where your old one is listed. Don’t forget to save the changes. Please note that while we allow nickname changes for anonymity, we don’t allow changes for malicious purposes.

How do I delete a post from Talk?
You can’t. SensitiveSleepers HQ are the only people who can authorise deletions from Talk. To request that a post be deleted, pleasesend email to  it@sensitivesleepers.com and we will take a look.

My question isn’t here, what should I do now?
Drop us an email on contactus@sensitivesleepers.com and someone will get back to you: we want to make using SensitiveSleepers as easy as possible.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know at contactus@sensitivesleepers.com.

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