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My insomnia is bigger than yours.

My insomnia is bigger, nastier and uglier than yours. It’s also more complex and long-lasting than yours. It’s very different. One of a kind. Unique. Impossible. Unbeatable. Incurable. This was true for me just a while ago. It’s a strange thing to do: Compete with your insomnia. But we do so. I certainly did. And I now repeatedly witness many others doing […]

Can insomnia be a gift? What does it try to tell us?

There are books I love. There are movies I love. There are days I love. There are people I love. And here’s a page I love from the book of Restful Insomnia by Sondra Kornblatt. When I was reading the chapter of Gifts of Insomnia I was like ‘wooooh, hold your horses, this is beyond THICK’. […]