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Sleeping better with a right diet

Researchers say that post-eating tiredness increases more after a carb-rich meal than one full of protein and fat (both having the same calorie intake). For carb lovers this is splendid news: slow burning carbs are recommended as our evening meal because they induce sleep.  It goes without saying that slow-burn/brown/complex carbs are better than ‘fast’ […]

Teen sleep

Overview: School-age and teen sleep Professor Tanya Byron believes that British children are sleep deprived, especially teenagers. Experts call them ‘constantly jetlagged’ as they are the most sleep deprived group in our society. According to Tanya Byron this is a major health issue we are largely not aware of and we rarely talk about it. Teen […]

Senior sleep

Introduction to senior sleep Sleep is just as important to our physical and emotional health in our senior years as earlier years. We need sleep to recharge our mind and body in order to function properly. As we age we will experience changes in our sleeping patterns. We may become sleepy earlier, wake up earlier, […]

Toddler sleep

Overview: Toddler sleep It’s rather usual that children at this age (1-4 years) have difficulties at bedtime and/or keep sleeping through the night, often insisting on their parents’ presence. However, toddler sleep problems can be prevented and/or treated in various ways. It’s a myth that bedtime and night-time waking problems are an inevitable phase. Once […]