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Sleep disorders

Besides insomnia, there are number of sleep disorders. Here are some of the most common ones described shortly. You can find more information under useful links. Advanced sleep phase disorder (ASPD): Is a condition in which patients feel very sleepy and go to bed early in the evening (e.g. 6:00–8:00 p.m.) and wake up very […]

Effects of bad sleep

Bad sleep tends to excessively undermine the importance of a good night’s sleep. We feel as if we have failed and are ashamed for not being able to sleep normally. Poor sleepers can start ‘covering’ the sleep problems and developing different methods to survive in daily life. All the efforts go to survival and as […]

What is insomnia

What is insomnia Before going ahead, let’s remember one important thing. Everyone, even the very best sleepers, sleep badly from time to time. But when does the occasional bad night turn into chronic insomnia? Why does this happen and what exactly is insomnia? The National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the USA defines insomnia as: […]

Causes of insomnia

Causes of insomnia are many It’s clear that poor sleep disturbs life in a very holistic way, because sleep is essential for effective brain functioning, concentration, memory, ability to learn, metabolism, mental balance and spirit and many other things. Furthermore, there’s no one answer or root cause for poor sleep and insomnia. Insomnia is often […]

Sleep evolution

Sleep evolution and history Human sleep patterns have changed over the centuries, even if our need for sleep has not. At various periods throughout history people have gone to great lengths to make sleep more comfortable and safer, or to incorporate sleep into their lives to a greater or lesser extent. Many of our ideas […]