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Fascination to dreaming We have been fascinated with dreaming for thousands of years and have strived (desperately) to understand the meaning of our dreams. In the Greek and Roman eras, dreams were seen in a religious context and were believed to be messages (and calls for action) from the gods or from the dead. Greek philosopher, […]

Antihistamines/OTC for sleep

Overview: antihistamines for sleep These drugs are commonly used to treat allergies such as hay fever. Like most other first-generation antihistamines, this drug also has a powerful hypnotic effect, and for this reason it is often used as a non-prescription sleep aid; especially in the form of diphenhydramine citrate. This ‘side-effect’ is useful in some […]

Stopping sleeping pills

It’s recommended to stop long-term use of sleeping pills when the original reason for insomnia has gone off and we can assume that insomnia stems from sleeping pills or sleeping pills don’t help any longer. It’s advised to stop using sleeping aid always when there’s motivation to do so. For various reasons, some people have […]

Sleeping pill side effects

Overview of sleeping pill side effects All prescription sleeping pills have side effects, which can vary depending on the specific drug, the dosage, and how long the drug lasts in our system. Sleeping pills have side effects like most medications. Common side effects include headache, muscle aches, constipation, dry mouth, daytime sleepiness, trouble concentrating, dizziness, […]

Z-drugs for sleep

Overview: Z-drugs for sleep Z-drugs are a group of non-benzodiazepine drugs with effects similar to benzodiazepines. They are used in the treatment of insomnia, and their names usually start with the letter “Z”. Some Z drugs may have advantages over benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines actually worsen sleep architecture whereas the Z-drug (such as Zaleplon) may have less […]

Antidepressants for sleep

Overview of antidepressants for sleep Over the last two decades, doctors treating sleep disorders have prescribed more antidepressants for sleep than insomnia drugs, according to several published analyses. A sample of 3,400 physicians’ prescription practices published in the journal Sleep in 2004 showed that antidepressants were approximately 1.53 times more likely to be prescribed by American […]

Benzodiazepines for sleep

Overview:Benzodiazepines for sleep Benzodiazepines are the oldest class of sleep medications still commonly in use. Benzodiazepines, as a group, are thought to have a higher risk of dependence than other insomnia sedative hypnotics. All are classified as controlled substances. Benzodiazepines include diazepam, temazepam, lorazepam, chlordiazepoxide, oxazepam, nitrazepam, loprazolam, lormetazepam, clobazam and clonazepam. They are primarily […]

Types of sleeping pills

There are several different types of sleeping pills, classified as sedative hypnotics. In general, these medications act by working on receptors in the brain to slow down the nervous system. Some medications are used more for inducing sleep, while others are used for staying asleep. Some last longer than others in your system (a longer […]

Medicating to sleep

Medicating to sleep Medicating to sleep is firmly rising. More than 10 million prescriptions for sleeping pills are given each year in England, but medication only offers short-term relief. Having said this, there can be short periods full of desperation, stress and other health problems when sleeping pills provide justified support and aid. Before choosing […]