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Another restless night? How many times of waking up is normal?

Do you remember waking up last night? How many times? Dr Nerina Ramlakhan tells in her great book Tired But Wired that on average, a human being might wake an incredible 10-15 times a night! One theory relates back to caveman days when it might have been helpful to stay semi-alert even while we slept, simply to avoid […]

Senior sleep

Introduction to senior sleep Sleep is just as important to our physical and emotional health in our senior years as earlier years. We need sleep to recharge our mind and body in order to function properly. As we age we will experience changes in our sleeping patterns. We may become sleepy earlier, wake up earlier, […]

Normal Sleep

So what is normal sleep? Let’s begin this by explaining what normal sleep is not. Firstly, sleep is not the opposite of wakefulness. The idea of on/off would suggest that when we are awake we are on and when we sleep we are off. However, when we sleep we constantly move from one phase to […]