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Top 10 healthy props for better sleep

When I had my darkest, deepest and most devastating insomnia bout, I was highly sensitive in every imaginably way. I couldn’t tolerate any noise, deviating temperatures, light, disappointments, arguments, setback, bad news, stress… well it looks like I could go forever so let’s stop here. However, there were some critical props that gave me comfort, […]

10 unorthodox sleep tips

The web is full of sleep tips that haven’t given me any advice, help, hope or guidance. These let’s say ‘typical’ sleep tips are full of rules and routines that don’t help the already all too dutiful and sleep-obsessed poor sleepers. The underlying problem is this: I already did all this stuff strictly according to […]

Sleeping better with a right diet

Researchers say that post-eating tiredness increases more after a carb-rich meal than one full of protein and fat (both having the same calorie intake). For carb lovers this is splendid news: slow burning carbs are recommended as our evening meal because they induce sleep.  It goes without saying that slow-burn/brown/complex carbs are better than ‘fast’ […]

How to sleep with a rambling mind that keeps waking up at 4 am? 6 tips for calmer nights.

I haven’t been a big fan of the wee hours yet strangely enough I have changed my attitude lately. This is normally when I wake up fully alert with a to-do list long enough for a dozen yummy mummies, ideas insane enough to make my small semi-blond head to go wild and with fears disturbing […]

How to sleep with chronic insomnia – is there hope after years of poor sleep?

Yes there is, and you hold the key. The underlying question is what are you willing to do in order to sleep better. If the answer is ‘nothing really as I am otherwise content with my life’ you are not going to get very far with your sleep quest. If, however, you are ready to […]

Should I get 8 hours of sleep? Can 6 hours be enough?

Here’s the thing: yes it can. Sleep need varies from one person to the next and young people tend to need more than the elderly. Einstein apparently needed 10-11 hours of sleep, whereas Margaret Thatcher famously only slept for five hours a night. We also need different amounts of sleep during our life span. Even […]

Are you an owl or a lark? How to take most of your natural biological clock?

“You are a lark” says the sleep profile report from The BBC Sleep Profiler. No big surprise here, as morning clearly is my prime-time, but it makes me think. As my energy level is highest in the morning how can I adapt to my natural biological clock even better? And how can I avoid the slump […]

How to sleep without fear? Ditch your nightmares.

I was reading OSHO’s  inspirational Life, Love, Laughter the other day and I got a big-moment-revelation. Dark thoughts lead to bad nights – well, at least mine! I have been seeing this recurring horrible nightmare about three faceless thugs intruding our house and me and my son escaping into the black forest. Needless to say that I […]

Top 3 sleep myths

There are so many sleep myths that I actually had hard time choosing my ‘favourite’ three. When I started to study sleep I realized that I had false expectations in various ways. Increasing my understanding has led to more realistic expectations. This has been crucial for my healing and better sleep. You can find my top […]

10 tips for better nights, and days.

Stopping fighting has been the most critical factor in my personal progress.  This has meant acceptance but not surrender. It has meant that I carry responsibility of the healing myself. When I stopped fighting, I started healing. I do think healing is a personal combination of many things and happens step by step. Personally I […]