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10 tips to stop over-thinking and start sleeping

We sensitive sleepers are very good at (over)-thinking (read: worrying and stressing which are the biggest reasons for poor sleep) but sometimes not so good at taking an action. Why? Because change is hard. Change is hard for an individual as it is for a company, not to speak about a nation in a recession. […]

Should I get 8 hours of sleep? Can 6 hours be enough?

Here’s the thing: yes it can. Sleep need varies from one person to the next and young people tend to need more than the elderly. Einstein apparently needed 10-11 hours of sleep, whereas Margaret Thatcher famously only slept for five hours a night. We also need different amounts of sleep during our life span. Even […]

Another restless night? How many times of waking up is normal?

Do you remember waking up last night? How many times? Dr Nerina Ramlakhan tells in her great book Tired But Wired that on average, a human being might wake an incredible 10-15 times a night! One theory relates back to caveman days when it might have been helpful to stay semi-alert even while we slept, simply to avoid […]

Sleep treatments

Introduction When we know the reasons for our poor sleep we can start doing something about it. The most common type of insomnia is psychophysiological (= functional) insomnia. In this case, the reason for poor sleep is not a disease but is due to worries and fears related to sleep. Acute insomnia on the other […]

Good sleep lifestyle

Caffeine Even though coffee shops are everywhere, caffeine is still a drug. As a stimulant it perks us up by having a stimulating effect on our nervous system. While caffeine is very good at keeping us awake for some people it can cause side-effects, even panic attacks. We know that coffee and tea contain caffeine but […]


REM-sleep introduction Just as deep sleep renews the body, REM-sleep renews the mind by playing a key role in learning and memory. During REM-sleep, our brain consolidates and processes the information we have learned during the day, forms neural connections that strengthen memory, and replenishes its supply of neurotransmitters, including feel-good chemicals like serotonin and […]

Sleep evolution

Sleep evolution and history Human sleep patterns have changed over the centuries, even if our need for sleep has not. At various periods throughout history people have gone to great lengths to make sleep more comfortable and safer, or to incorporate sleep into their lives to a greater or lesser extent. Many of our ideas […]