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How to tame rebounding insomnia? Keep your cool and test these 5 tips.

It’s been a while since my last blog post. There’s many reasons for this slackness. The first one is however most surprising: I am actually sleeping quite well nowadays so my interest is fading a bit (it’s challenging to keep on dwelling in the negative insomnia world when you start to see light in the […]

How to make sleep promises that hold?

I just read about Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution for 2015 – a habit he shares every year. He (the creator of Facebook) has just founded probably the world’s biggest book club and aims to read a book every two weeks. Goes without saying that this also means less time online which he openly admits. I […]

Slow down and sleep better! This is why and how:

Even when we are exhausted we tend to keep ourselves on overdrive. Slowing down (not to speak about napping) has traditionally been seen as a lazy bones afternoon no-no vice. Until now that is: the tide is turning. Various studies reveal the mounting positive effects of resting. Naps seem to correct nearly anything there ever is to heal: they […]

How to survive the day after a sleepless night

We have all been there – whether we have a tendency to insomnia or not. Three hours of sleep, or perhaps just one, or none. Tossing and turning and finally just counting minutes for the alarm to go off (and being oddly grateful when it finally does). However, the difference between a good sleeper and a poor sleeper […]

Make your bedroom right for deep, nourishing sleep – This is how:

We get the best, deepest and most nourishing sleep when we don’t need to worry about a thing and everything feels just about right. So the first one on my ”how to get the bedroom right for a sensitive sleeper” list is not about light, noise or softness of bed lines. It’s something else, something much more important. 1. Make your […]

13 things blocking your happiness – day and night

We are in search for happiness for the most part of our lives. It’s almost within arm’s reach, but just not quite. As irritation takes over our days, sleeping off anxiety becomes impossible. We toss and turn restlessly and wake up dead tired – not at all ready for the next day. Tiny setbacks take colossal proportions […]

10 tips to stop over-thinking and start sleeping

We sensitive sleepers are very good at (over)-thinking (read: worrying and stressing which are the biggest reasons for poor sleep) but sometimes not so good at taking an action. Why? Because change is hard. Change is hard for an individual as it is for a company, not to speak about a nation in a recession. […]

Holidaying with insomnia. This is how to do it right.

If you suffer with poor sleep, it is no excuse just to stay at home, and surround yourself with stiff routines and good-old-stuff. The moment sensitive sleepers start living like prisoners in their own homes, is the moment insomnia has won, not just a battle, but a war. Home becomes your cage. If we want to […]

What to do when insomnia creeps back?

Life is weird. The positive irony is that the most expected thing happens when you least expect it. When I launched this blog a few months back (and came out from my insomnia-forever-closet) my feelings went on a rollercoaster. First it was: fear, fear, fear. Then: WTF, WTF, WTF. And finally: free, free, free. And the end result? I sleep […]

Smart Sleep Tips: Kiwi

Can kiwi be the new super-food for sleep? Kiwi is a pretty standard ingredient in our kitchens. It’s loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidant properties, which helps boost immune system function and enhance cell protection and repair. Studies also point to the high fibre and potassium-rich kiwi as a possible aid to heart health and […]