How to tame rebounding insomnia? Keep your cool and test these 5 tips.

It’s been a while since my last blog post. There’s many reasons for this slackness. The first one is however most surprising: I am actually sleeping quite well nowadays so my interest is fading a bit (it’s challenging to keep on dwelling in the negative insomnia world when you start to see light in the end of the tunnel!).  I have also been super busy  with my new, exciting project so there simply hasn’t been enough time to write (which I really enjoy as soon as I just get started). Lastly, it’s summer (about time!!) and I want to spend as much time outdoors as possible rather than chained to laptop indoors.

All this said, I haven’t changed TOTALLY – unfortunately. My sensitivity to sleep poorly is still there, as firmly as the lifesaver around my hips. It wasn’t too long ago when I experienced deep disappointment with the renovation project going on in Finland. I should know that things never go as planned and agreed with the builders but what can you do when the sh** hits the fan and so many things are destroyed / done poorly / not done at all. Well, I can tell you one thing, when stuff like this happens, my insomnia says: “I am back.”

I am back

However the difference today is that I know it’s not back indefinitely. I know that I need to identify the root causes, get a new plan in place and sort out the resolutions. And find more rest time (note: I mean during the day – insomnia is NOT created in the night).

So, here are my 5 top tips how to tame rebounding insomnia:

  1. Redo your plans.  Identify the roots of the problem(s) keeping you awake. Create a plan to resolve them. Face whoever/whatever you need to in order to get your stuff sorted. Clarity does wonders to mind.
  2. Keep your cool. There’s an anonymous saying: “No one can drive us crazy unless we give them the key.” This is megasuperextraimportant. Corporate world rewards “teflons”, i.e. leaders that bounce back all the shit and the shit never sticks to them. I start to appreciate that this is a good quality. It means teflons protect themselves and keep themselves safe.
  3. Time out. Whenever insomnia returns, it has a message. Probably your mind has gone on over-drive and down-time is too low on your daily priority list. Nowadays, whenever insomnia returns I know that my mind & body no longer are in sync. It’s time to rest a bit more and and just “think about things” and life priorities. This helps, more than you ever expect.
  4. Let go. I typically become restless when I fight over things that are beyond my reach or don’t even matter so much – at least not as much as I first thought. By accepting that not all the things are under your thumb and that it’s OK, has been a difficult but rewarding lesson to learn.
  5. Be brave. I used to postpone (and further postpone) certain things/people/events too easily. This meant these negative, unresolved issues kept on taking too much of my mind space and sucked my positive energy well empty. Now, instead, I aim to face all the crap right away – no mercy!! If things don’t turn out “right”, then they don’t, and that’s cool too, but at least I tried.

I hope these 5 tips could also help you with your on-off insomnia. Feedback and comments are warmly welcome as always.

Helena X

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