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What to do when insomnia creeps back?

Life is weird. The positive irony is that the most expected thing happens when you least expect it. When I launched this blog a few months back (and came out from my insomnia-forever-closet) my feelings went on a rollercoaster. First it was: fear, fear, fear. Then: WTF, WTF, WTF. And finally: free, free, free. And the end result? I sleep [...]

Smart Sleep Tips: Kiwi

Can kiwi be the new super-food for sleep? Kiwi is a pretty standard ingredient in our kitchens. It’s loaded with Vitamin C and antioxidant properties, which helps boost immune system function and enhance cell protection and repair. Studies also point to the high fibre and potassium-rich kiwi as a possible aid to heart health and [...]

Restore and renew: Legs up the wall step by step

This is my top thing to do to restore and renew my mind and body. Nothing else comes even close. I close the door, tune in to my favourite music and set myself ready for legs-up-the-wall (Viparita Karani). I place a lavender-scented eye bag across my brow, put my hands on my side, exhale long and peacefully, and [...]

Stop the winter blues: This is how you beat SAD

Winter is here and the darkness is overwhelming. Not getting enough natural light every day is a well justified worry. Anxiety, mood changes, sleep problems, tiredness, irritability, overeating, panic attacks, dampen spirits are all symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). This condition is experienced in various degrees of intensity by millions of people, particularly those living in the [...]

Not good for sleep: Stress

Stress and especially stress related to work is one of the key reasons for poor sleep. There’s nothing wrong loving work, in fact I think that working is healthy and rewarding but thinking about emails in the wee hours is the antithesis of healthy working. Work, at its best, provides routines that make evenings feel [...]

Top 10 healthy props for better sleep

When I had my darkest, deepest and most devastating insomnia bout, I was highly sensitive in every imaginably way. I couldn’t tolerate any noise, deviating temperatures, light, disappointments, arguments, setback, bad news, stress… well it looks like I could go forever so let’s stop here. However, there were some critical props that gave me comfort, [...]

Can’t sleep? Try mindfulness, and find your own way.

Many people feel that mindfulness /meditation is not for them regardless of many attempts.  One problem often is that we don’t get how ‘letting go’ works and focus on (forcefully) clearing our mind. All efforts go to make the thoughts go away. In this kind of situation we can try another way. Rather than using [...]

10 unorthodox sleep tips

The web is full of sleep tips that haven’t given me any advice, help, hope or guidance. These let’s say ‘typical’ sleep tips are full of rules and routines that don’t help the already all too dutiful and sleep-obsessed poor sleepers. The underlying problem is this: I already did all this stuff strictly according to [...]

Can insomnia be a gift? What does it try to tell us?

There are books I love. There are movies I love. There are days I love. There are people I love. And here’s a page I love from the book of Restful Insomnia by Sondra Kornblatt. When I was reading the chapter of Gifts of Insomnia I was like ‘wooooh, hold your horses, this is beyond THICK’. [...]

6 sleep experts at your service

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