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All-round help for better sleep, rest and zest. This is your pit stop for calmer nights, and brighter days. Find here blogs, tips, myths, forum, shop, stories, information and inspiration about sleep, relaxation and related topics. We’ll make the sleep quest fearless and a bit of  fun too.

Background in short. The idea for SensitiveSleepers came from my own experience and battle against long-term sleep problems. I didn’t get help early enough (or never, actually…). Eventually I needed to help myself and find my own way to heal. Spring 2012 I decided that I must learn to sleep better, or even, just sleep. Medicine had become useless and I had totally lost my confidence to sleep without unhealthy props. As I started to study and understand more about sleep (and as a consequence to sleep better), I thought that an inclusive community with an open-minded patient viewpoint would be helpful also for the other sensitive sleepers.

Sleep problems are not created at night

We believe in more holistic approach when searching for better sleep.

To whom is this? SensitiveSleepers.com is first and foremost to sensitive sleepers. Patient viewpoint is in a core role with everything we do. A sensitive sleeper is not necessarily a (chronic) insomniac which is very labelling and burdening term and even doctors often relate it with mental diseases (which can be the case but more often is not). Instead we rather talk about sensitivity. We all have different sensitivities: towards food, animals, polls, hey, stress, cancer, drugs, alcohol – just name it. As we have different skills! Some people are naturally talented musicians, writers, athletes and some people are simply better sleepers than others. Learning to understand and manage this sensitivity will give us better tools to heal ourselves.

SensitiveSleepers.com is also for the whole sleep community and everyone interested in sleep. We hope to bring everything together to promote better sleep, rest, peace and zest everywhere!

Why is this needed? Journalists complain that they get tons of sleep related press releases on weekly basis and web is full of too much sleep stuff. I am sure this is true but personally, I got best help so far very old-fashioned way – from books. Web is full of all kinds of sleep stuff but not exactly what SensitiveSleepers is aiming at here which is an inclusive, wide-perspective community that brings everything and everyone into one place. We don’t just promote one therapy, one treatment or one fix. We give information of them all and you can decide what you suits best to you. We want to help sensitive sleepers to faster find information, products and services and motivate them to start the healing process, which lies very much in their own hands.

Sleep in numbers. Insomnia is on deep rise. ’In the UK alone one of the estimated 30% of the British population suffer from a sleep problem. How to sleep is the 6th most-searched term on Google. According to NHS, 50% of us suffer from insomnia at some point and more than 10 Million prescriptions for sleeping pills are given out each year in England, costing the NHS £36 million per annum’ (The Times, 19.06.2012). It’s estimated that around 10% of people suffer long-term insomnia in most western countries. This is understandable as sleep is a fundamental requirement to function normally in everyday life. In fact, we can survive for three times as long without food as we can without sleep. We are living in a 24/7 society where we sleep with our laptops and smartphones and are expected to be on-call at every second of our lives.

What will SensitiveSleepers talk about? Although sleep and rest are in key role, this is not obsessively just about sleep. In fact, returning good sleep should be anything but obsessively thinking about sleep! We believe good sleep is a consequence of good life-balance and self-knowledge. In fact, sleep problems are not created at night. Poor sleep is always an indication that something is out of balance. We aim to uncover things that bring hope and return the normal confidence towards sleep (and life). Healing process can also be very rewarding: We learn more about us, we start to appreciate new things in life, and we learn to embrace healthier values.

How does this work for you? You can just browse and read and so increase your understanding of sleep and then set a bit more realistic targets for your good night sleep. You can also discuss and learn from other sensitive sleepers in our Talk forum. We would very much like all the visitors to share your own story (can be done anonymously) – even shortly! Reading other sleep stories will by nature widen our perspectives. We are providing information on various treatments when you are ready to take concrete actions. You can also shop and find SensitiveSleepers featured products that help with various issues. Our blog is providing tips, information, product tests and news. And we warmly welcome expert guest bloggers. Last but not least, you can also influence directly by emailing feedback and tell us what you would like see here.

More about my personal journey in the next blog. Stay tuned!

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