Did you know that 30-40% of your colleagues suffer with poor sleep and ~10% with chronic insomnia?

Moreover, over 13 million working days are lost per year due to stress, depression and anxiety and the cost of sleep deprivation is over £1.6 billion every year in the UK alone!

Besides sleep, we have lost our natural capabilities to rest and relax. We need to be accessible 24/7 via plethora of gadgets. When we finally wish to wind down, we no longer know how.

SensitiveSleepers are running 1-day-workshops with UK’s leading experts. These workshops give participants a hands-on journey into a world of relaxation, mindfulness, meditation and sleep science. We will provide a toolbox to find (and sustain) better sleep, ways to rest and relax and tools to manage stress and worries.

We start the workshops in the UK and in Finland. For more information, please first email: helena.lindfors(at)

Even though we appreciate the value of information our focus will be on learning-by-doing. And we will guarantee it will not only be fun but life-changing. Give your team a gift that matters.

What to do on your next team day (when everything has been done and seen…)? Contact today!

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